A Publications Portfolio: Wenonah Jaworski

Welcome to my online design portfolio! Growing up as a small town girl forced me to find entertainment beyond expensive movie theaters and nonexistent shopping malls.  My exploration for design linguistics started with purchasing Lisa Frank folders and doodling on desks in elementary school.  Soon enough, I shifted into social media and creating my own fabulous Myspace backgrounds with novice HTML codes, then slowly moved toward self-discovered, pre-teen “design experience” obtained by attempting to use programs like Gimp.  Now, as a senior in college, I find myself mastering and discovering tricks on Adobe InDesign and Photoshop in my spare time.  Although my love for publication and advertising design has come a long way since the 90s, I still love learning new things in the industry and look forward to a hopeful and promising future in the business.

While attending Winona State University for a degree in Mass Communications: Advertising, I have been provided many skill-building opportunities to create my portfolio through courses offered in the department.  Because all pieces of my portfolio were made under the University with an educational purpose, it’s essential to provide that I do not own any logos, brand names, or photos that I have incorporated into these publications. Disclaimer aside, enjoy browsing through!