Wenonah from Winona, MN


I’m Wenonah from Winona, MN. Born and raised. It’s strange, I know. Most people call me Winnie. I’m a greeting card designer by day and a Netflix-junkie by night. Oh, and in the wee hours of the morning, I’m known as the “happiest barista” at Mugby Junction.

My three biggest strengths include my contagious, enthusiastic personality, my confidence in my ability to speak publicly, and my high standards for quality of work. 

I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Winona State University in May 2014, where I was elected by my peers to represent our agency as President in our mass communication capstone course. At the end of our final semester, I was unanimously voted the “Most Valuable Player” of our team. I am a leader.

I’m absolutely fueled by deadlines. Don’t let that get you wrong. I’m totally approachable. After serving as Membership Recruitment Director and President of three different academic groups, I’ve learned that success fuels from both positive interaction and trust in one another. I value conversation. I attribute my success to my relationship-oriented leadership style, thriving on enthusiasm, empowerment, gratitude, and respect. I am confident in my abilities to connect and relate with people.

I’m not a perfectionist. I’m the advocate for attention to detail. I examine publications, schedules, emails, and budgets closely. I make changes accordingly. I am thorough. My work, collectively and individually, reflects my high performance standards. I always go the extra mile; I’m not happy unless I am proud.

Contact me! I’d love to speak with you.  My email address is wenonah.jaworski@gmail.com.

While attending Winona State University for a degree in mass communication (emphasizing in advertising), I have been provided many skill-building opportunities to create my portfolio through courses offered in the department.  Many of the pieces of my portfolio were made under the University with an educational purpose.  I do not own any logos, brand names, or photos that I have incorporated into these publications. Disclaimer aside, enjoy browsing through!